Just Another Day..

So, we are trying another bank for the house. Im not holding my breath though. It crosses my mind to check my email every so often to see if there is a reply from the bank but otherwise Im over here all over pinterest looking at recipes and embroidery patterns and stuff.

Work is going ok. Its slow which makes the boss twitchy which makes me twitchy but its the nature of the business.

Currently working on embroidered trim, knitting a pair of thigh high socks for a friend as part of a barter and also blackwork cuffs and collar for a friend. Bouncing between one and another when Im tired with one. The trim has more of a deadline than anything so I am hoping to get that done before the end of the month.  We have an impending snowstorm this weekend (they still don’t know how much will drop here) and I plan on working on these projects and sitting by the fire, with the occasional bout of warcraft with my son.

Saw a post on pinterest of this warcraft water bottle. Ordered two..one for me and one for my 11 year old son that plays as well. He just fussed so much over it when he saw it that i had to. World of Warcraft “Mana” Bottle  Yea its a little expensive for a water bottle but hey…maybe it will get me to drink water more often. LOL! And his smile will be worth it.

Decided to take a little stress off my life and am having the local grocery store deliver to me on friday afternoon. It cost ten extra bucks. What the hell…worth it to not wade through the snowmagedon panic masses that will be flocking to get their french toast supplies.

Last night I had an awesome night of sleep. I fell asleep at 7:50 and slept straight through till 530 this morning. I feel great! I recall the kids coming in and kissing me goodnight and my cell phone ringing and it was my guys parents calling to thank me for the scarves i made them for christmas.  I have a raincheck to call them back this evening and chat with mom.

Well..just under two hours to go till end of work day. Boss is in good mood at least today. We are always thankful for that.




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