Eff you Bank, Eff you!

So, the bank informed us this afternoon that because we had a break in our employment nearly two years ago, the PMI insurance companies would not give us a loan. So they turned us down for a First Time Buyer loan and a conventional loan. I called the realtor and told her and I called the realty lawyer and told him. My boss was floored they didnt give it to us and my guy had a feeling for all the bouncing they did. I didnt cry, surprisingly. I was hurt and seriously pissed, but I didnt cry because I had a feeling they would do that.

Ten minutes later my realtor called back and one of her realtor co workers who was in the car was on the phone stating she wanted us to call a local bank and talk to them. They’d already talked to the lender there about our situation. I called and left a message and about five minutes later she called back and talked to me about everything. Told me to send her my app from the other bank, tax returns, etc. So i did.

Im not holding my breath or even have a glimmer of hope. Its free and Ive already heard “NO” so I am expecting nothing.

I have a home that is dry. I have the ones I love with me. i have a job. I am not wanting for anything. I may not like where I am right now and we may be cramped and have no storage space (or privacy) but we have something…others dont.

My friend said truly said it perfectly though….it is soul crushing.


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