*biting my tongue*

So, I find this rude. If youre going to introduce a person to the people in the room, such as a newcomer to your local sca fighter practice, you make sure to introduce them to everyone. This one woman in my shire, who manages to end up doing it every time, has now..not once, not twice, but on three seperate occasions introduced the newcomer to the room and stops at my guy and myself, as if we werent even there.  This has happened on three seperate occasions over the last couple of months.  I looked at my guy, who looked at me quizzically and then he said in a semi loud voice “What are we not here?  She must not be able to see us from four feet over.”  “Oh..I guess its cause we arent at her table that we don’t count”…”no, maybe she forgot our names?”  Nothing.

This person is a peer in our group. Now, I can understand it happening once. Maybe she got sidetracked in her thinking, anything. But three times? Now its just being billigerent.  I am not particularly fond of this person to begin with but this does nothing to improve my opinion.  If you don’t like me for whatever reason, there is no reason to be rude. I dislike a few people in my world, but I am always civil and respectful to them in a public setting.

I have just had it.


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