Huzzah!!! Something went my way!

I called my credit card company in regards to the dress I bought and after listening to me and hearing about my email communications with the company they refunded me the entire amount I paid for the dress! I am so happy!

I have the dress on ebay right now with a starting price of $25.00 but it has two days to go and no takers.

Oh well. Wonder if I could repurpose it in some way. You know…tear it apart and reuse the bits or something.

Im open to ideas if anyone has any.


Back To the Old Grind…

Well the boss is back and with him a souvenier box of belgium chocolates. Very sweet and unexpected considering before he left he said he doesnt bring home souveniers for people.  

I got a lot of embroidering and  Netflix watching in while it was slow when he was gone. Caught up on Witches of East end (which i hear they!), Once Upon a time and I was working on Supernatural. I think i was on last years episodes when i was watching yesterday.

I have been the suck at following any type of exercise program. I have been doing pretty well at staying low carb but have not done jacks shit in the way of working out and i have not been getting my water in. These things have to change. I have been wanting to get up and work out, like go walking but is dark outside! I didnt want to limit myself to just the park i live in but with no real sidewalks around where I live i worry about getting hit by a car. So I am resigning myself to walking the circle in the park till daylight savings time hits. (when is that again?)

Embroidering like mad to finish trim for a friend. I have determined that I am just going to stay up late each night to get it done. with the boss back, embroidering at work is done so no more 8 hours of embroidering (while answering calls and selling). I WILL DO IT!!
Anyway..back to work. Coffee break over. Have a good one everyone!

Busy as a Bee….

My day had me down a bit. I had hopes he would go pick up the ring today as he indicated earlier this week, but, he did not. The jeweler is getting antsy for another payment or to pay it off and pick it up. I don’t blame him. He’s had it on hold for about three months now. I’m worried he’ll take it out of layaway and sell it to someone else.  I am pissed, upset, depressed and feeling rejection because of his delay.  Its affecting my mood.

I put the wedding dress up on ebay. I started it at 25.00. I dont really care what I get for it but I want it sold an out of my home. I think my credit card company is going to return my money to me since the company in China is not willing to fix my dress.  Can you say Charge back? I knew you could.

So, I kept busy today so as not to mope. He noticed and made a comment that “you seem grumpy”. YOU THINK!?!?! Anyway…today’s endeavors were as thus:

-Grocery shopped at 6am at Walmart then Sam’s, cause..well..I was awake and there were four boys asleep in the house that didn’t go to bed till 3:45

-Went to the post office to retrieve packages (2nd trip no less in one day), Dollar General to get Nutella (no judging!!) and hit the yardsale on the way home and got an antique sharpening stone, leather hole punch and a small dresser for the boys room
-Cleaned out my closet and drawers and got rid of three trash bags of clothing I havent worn in six months or more.
-Went through all my make up and got rid of old stuff, replaced the brushes, etc.
-Brought my jewelry armoire out of the closet and into the main bedroom now and hung winter coats in the closet
-Made 7 boys stay outside and play till 5pm (OMG IM SO ABUSIVE!!)
-Slaved over a hot phone and ordered pizza for dinner (Stand Back Giada!)
-Played Warcraft for a little bit and got my mage to 99.

I think I did enough for today and the sciatic nerve is reminding me of that. Time to get horizontal and knit and relax the rest of the night

Fool Me Once, Shame on You

Hello Readers (what few I have). So, I made a mistake. It’s not the first time, I’m sure it wont be the last.  I saw a beautiful wedding dress online for an affordable price.  The site was IZIDress and this was the gown I purchased.  wd8062-1

Take note on how full the skirt is, obviously she has crinolines underneath it to fluff it out. Now the sash, I changed to pink because I didn’t care for the “champagne” one that is pictured here.  Now, after showing a friend, I was told it is a factory in China that makes these gowns and that is why they are so inexpensive.  I ordered a size larger than what I wear, just to be safe. Six weeks or so later, the dress comes in via DHL.  I try the dress on and its a train wreck.  While the dress is well constructed, it was missing sequined appliques on the bodice, the underskirt was the equivalent to a sheath skirt and not full at all nor would i be capable of putting a descent slip under it let alone the crinolines that the dress above shows.

20150828_072416 20150828_072458

As you can see in these two pictures, the bodice is missing patches of lace and the skirt in the second pictures is not full enough to match the stretched out over skirt. This dress is supposed to resemble something from the fifties era. Unhappy, I naturally wrote the company. They asked me to send pictures of the problem areas so I sent these and spoke of how the skirt is not as it appears in the pictures on the web site. THey said they would check with the factory and get back to me. After a day or two, this was the response I got:

Dear customer
sorry that we do not reply in time
since when they deal with the appliques, it is asymmetric.
sorry about that
as for the skirt, we often add hard net instead of underskirt.
so after long time transit, it may not that loose
we still hope you keep it. but we must admit since it is handmade dress, it is not 100% exactly like the picture
hope you understand
there are room for amending
and we would give you 10% as a discount if you place new order
Look forward to your reply and have a good one.
Thanks for your kind understanding and cooperation.
best wishes
Umm, what? They are blaming the shipping on why the skirt was not as wide as the overskirt? Seriously?!  I of course, wrote back that shipment had nothing to do with the fact that there is not enough yardage of fabric in the underskirt to match the overskirt, as it is pictured and that I wanted to return it, what did I have to do to do this? Their response was:
Dear customer,
Sorry for your waiting.
Here  you know we have no stock dress and we all the  dress just made by  hand and  depending on customer order information.
And for difference between the computer monitors,there may be have
little  difference between what you see on line and the real item you
received 😦
But your dress is very beautiful and almost the same like website,so
suggest that you can keep this order and you can re-sale to another
people or send to your friends as gift. hope you can understand .
But your dress is very beautiful and we will refund you  10 dollars as
discount then almost the same like website,so
Best Regards
Almost the same?! Are you fucking kidding me?! If you are ordering a gown based on a picture you see online you expect pretty much exactly what you see online. So, now I have a gown I can’t wear as it doesnt fit in other ways as well (shoulders need shortening, sleeves too big and long, skirt too snug and looks ridiculous with the full overskirt, bare spots on the bodice).  Im out near $200.oo dollars for the gown…oh excuse me…190.00, cause they gave me a $10 refund for my troubles and still have no dress to wear.  It is very depressing.
It has also killed any of the joy I had to getting married and at this point Id be happy to wear white jean capri pants and some top and get it done at city hall.  If it happens at all, but that is another story.
So, the moral of this tale is never buy a dress from an over seas factory (which Im sure youre all shaking your head and saying “DUH! What were you thinking!”).
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.