Waste of Mascara

I’m really kind of annoyed today. Yesterday, a friend (who also couldn’t go to Pennsic) came over for the first time and we spent the day crafting. Originally, before she pinged me the night before to check on our visit, which I’d forgotten about, I had plans to go to the next town and have the prong on my ring fixed. So, that didnt happen. Conversations with my guy today revealed he is scared to get married. Something he has never done before. He sensed my stress and such since his hospitalization and that it was obviously more on my mind than in the past.  I dont get it but then again, i’ve done it before.  The jeweler emailed me to say that the ring he was holding for us is the last of that size/price/value he has. Im sure he is anxious to know if he is going to buy it or not. So, deciding I dont want to wait anymore on the repair of my ring, and wanting to walk around the shops in the neighboring cute town, me, him and my oldest pile in the car and go. We get there…only to find out he is closed on Sunday and Monday.  I was pissed. I had just gotten done emailing him I was coming down but I guess he didnt see it.  So we left to go to the stores only to see the area LOADED with traffic….the fair was happening and it was the last day.  Not wanting to be caught up in all that, we turned around and drove the half hour back to home. I said nothing. I was seething. So pissed at the waste of gas and time to go down.  So trying to make it a little better for my oldest I stop to get ice cream for him. Saying fuck it, i get myself one..and promptly drip it down my blouse. Seriously..why the hell did I leave the house even?

So home I now sit with a stained shirt, took the ring off and put it in the jewelry box as I dont want to chance wearing it and have the prong catch on a pocket and pull away, releasing the stone from its setting and losing it.  Im not terribly anxious to drive a half hour back down again anytime soon either. I am also tempted to tell him to go ahead and take the rings off hold. He is antsy to sell if obviously and my guy is apparently to scared to commit, so why bother?!

Yes I am bitchy and whiney.  I deplore doing things that waste my time like driving distances without achieving what the errand was for.   Im done wishing. Done hoping.  Just done.

This day was a waste of mascara and good lipstick.


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